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* This form is hosted on an encrypted site. With your consent, we will keep records of your contact details in an encrypted online drive. They will be used to inform our support for schools. They will be removed at your request. for further details, click on this link to read our Privacy Notice     


NB. When you've finished submitting your details, the host of the page will take you to a page that thanks you for filling in the form and invites you to create your own - this is not connected to the ABQM-UK registration process (we will have received your details when you clicked 'Submit') and can be ignored.                                


Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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To ensure that our support for schools is the best it can be, the following details will need to be provided either by clicking on this link: Registration Form* or emailing them to


  • Name of School ABQM Leader (we will need to know the name of the School Leader who is leading the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark -UK) 

  • School's Name


  • School's Full Postal Address


  • ABQM Leader's email address and contact phone number

     (this can be the school leader's direct email address and number or the school's address)




Registration with ABQM-UK costs £525 - £745, according to NOR

(By registering, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of ABQM-UK)


  1. Confirmation of registration and an invoice  will be emailed to schools on receipt of the registration details.


   2. A copy of the ABQM-UK Self-Evaluation Document and details of access to resources that will support     

       schools' work towards achieving the award will be emailed on receipt of payment. 


Costs of the Evaluation process are additional - Click here for more information


For further information about registering or any difficulties experienced with the registering process,

email:  or call:  07590571120

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