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Registration with ABQM-UK costs £525 - £745, according to Numbers On Roll

This gains access to the ABQM-UK framework, resources and support that will strengthen anti-bullying in settings and communities.

By registering and accessing resources on this site, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of ABQM-UK

Self-Evaluation should involve all members of the school community.

We recommend strongly that a Steering Group (comprised of teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents) is established to undertake the evaluation and plan your steps towards achieving the award.

When completed, Self-Evaluations need to be sent to for consultation. We will send a Registration certificate which may recognise the specific Criteria Areas where standards are already being met and offer advice regarding how the standards in other areas can be met, including signposting to resources and services that may assist with this work (these can be accessed via Good Practice area of the website or folders in the Drive of ABQM-UK's Google account. 

An Initial Evaluation of evidence can be sought by settings at any time during the academic year. 

They can contact ABQM-UK and arrange to send their evidence to evaluators by post, email or by uploading to the drive of ABQM-UK 's Google account.

Evaluators will undertake an Initial Evaluation of the evidence and contact schools with the outcome.

If the evidence has met all of the ABQM-UK standards, a mutually convenient date will be arranged for the evaluator to undertake a Final Evaluation Visit. 

Final Evaluation Visit activities will include: meetings with members of the school community (including school leaders, peer supporters and parents) and observations of anti-bullying promotion and practice

The Evaluator will provide verbal feedback on the school's achievement by the end of the visit. There may be circumstances where the Evaluator will need to consult Quality Mark colleagues regarding specific aspects of this feedback.


The Cost of the Evaluation process is  £850

plus expenses

Each level of the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

has a duration of 2 years.

When this term has expired, schools will either need to apply for evaluation at the current level

or re-evaluation at their existing level. 

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark challenges schools in England and Wales to demonstrate their effectiveness in anti-bullying and the prevention of harassment in the following Criteria Areas:

  1. Leadership

  2. School Policy

  3. Whole School Strategic Development

  4. Governance

  5. Staff Involvement

  6. Curriculum

  7. Active Pupil Involvement

  8. Parental Involvement

  9. Regard for Vulnerable Groups

  10. Online Safety



Each Criteria Area features a set of standards that are continually reviewed and revised in response to developments in research, statutory guidance and social contexts.



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