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Gold Level Standards include:

  • Data that shows that the school's anti-bullying work has improved pupil/student outcomes

  • Anti-bullying, equality and inclusion work are unified and evidently embedded in the ethos and  culture of the school;

  • Engagement of the wider community in developing anti-bullying and emotional health/well-being

  • Opportunities to learn about the potential bullying in families and personal relationships and how to maontain personal safety and self-esteem

  • Evidence of impact of the Peer Support Service on the wellbeing of pupils using it;

  • Evidence of swift and effective response to energing online safety and cyber-bullying issues

ABQM-UK Levels of Award


The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark has three levels of award: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Schools normally apply first for the Bronze level. This requires schools to develop systematic and sustainable policies and practices that all members of the school community know and implement.


The second level of award is Silver which requires schools to demonstrate that anti-bullying is embedded in the school and is focused on supporting more vulnerable pupils.


The third level of award is Gold and is only achievable after schools have secured the Bronze and Silver levels. This requires schools to demonstrate that anti-bullying is an essential element of ongoing school improvement, has a positive impact on safety, well-being, relationships and learning and involves the wider community.

Bronze Level Standards include:

  • Taking a whole school strategic approach to preventing bullying;

  • Ensuring the development of the ABQM-UK sits with the school’s leadership and in whole schoo development  planning;

  •   Having an up-to-date Anti-Bullying Policy that meets the ABQM standards;

  • Establishing a Peer Support scheme (e.g. buddy scheme, restorative justice scheme, peer mediation scheme) within the school;

  • Sharing information with parents about the school Anti-Bullying policy and who to contact should issues arise.

  • Developing a clear understanding about how to prevent and counter cyber-bullying



Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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Silver Level Standards include:

  • Ensuring that securing the QM is an on-going whole school leadership priority;

  • The Anti-Bullying policy providing specific information about support for vulnerable children;

  • Pupil/student involvement in the development of anti-bullying/online safety lessons, assemblies and CPD

  • Parent involvement in anti-bullying related activities in the school;

  • Whole school learning aimed at improving the environment for vulnerable groups.

  • Peer support to strengthen online safety and counter cyber-bullying

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