Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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Silver Award


Silver Level Standards include:


  • Ensuring that securing the QM is an on-going whole school leadership priority;


  • The Anti-Bullying policy providing specific information about support for vulnerable children;


  • Pupil/student involvement in the development of anti-bullying/online safety lessons, assemblies and CPD


  • Parent involvement in anti-bullying related activities in the school;


  • Whole school learning aimed at improving the environment for vulnerable groups.


  • Peer support to strengthen online safety and counter cyber-bullying

Silver is the second level of award for schools that can demonstrate higher standards of anti-bullying.

It supports schools in embedding effective policy and practice into the everyday life of the school and continuing its development through  school improvement planning. It also encourages schools to involve pupils/students and parents in the strategic development of anti-bullying

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