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'Good' OFSTED Grade Descriptors for Behaviour and Attittudes

that are addressed by the ABQM-UK Programme

(School Inpection Handbook 2019)


  • Leaders, staff and pupils create a positive environment in which bullying is not tolerated. If bullying, aggression, discrimination and derogatory language occur, they are dealt with quickly and effectively and are not allowed to spread

  • Relationships among pupils and staff reflect a positive and respectful culture; pupils are safe and they feel safe

  • Pupils have high attendance, come to school on time and are punctual to lessons. When this is not the case, the school takes appropriate, swift and effective action.

  • There is demonstrable improvement in the behaviour and attendance of pupils who have particular needs.


The ABQM-UK Bronze Award supports schools in:

  • Encouraging leaders, staff, pupils/students and parents/carers to work together to develop a whole school approach to bullying and cyber-bullying

  • Providing learning opportunities that focus on developing and maintaining positive peer-to-peer relationships

  • Establishing responses to bullying incidents that are efficient and effective and understood by families, ensuring that attendance is not affected by experiences of bullying behaviour

  • Ensuring pupils/students with particular needs know what bullying is and supporting them in stopping it