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Impact of ABQM-UK


Outcomes of Study: Bullying Prevention Schemes - Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK Accreditation Scheme by Opeoluwa Olusoga, Department of Psychology, Nottingham Trent University  


The study surveyed a number of schools that had gained the ABQM-UK Bronze and Silver Awards and cross-referenced their responses with a literature review of anti-bullying interventions in the UK and Europe


All of the schools 'would recommend the ABQM-UK scheme to other schools', believing that 'the outcomes of the ABQM-UK Evaluation evaluation process justified its rigour and challenge'


As a consequence, all of the schools felt, their 'anti-bullying work has strengthened safety, mental health and emotional well-being'  


Most agreed that following engagement with ABQM-UK they have 'become more practive, independent and competent in managing bullying and cyber-bullying'; more specifically it 'improved policies, supported pupils and provided cohesion'.

A visual representation of the benefits of participating in the ABQM-UK accreditation scheme

ABQM-UK Evaluation +ves