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Good Practice

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK aims to inspire the development and sharing of good anti-bullying practice.


The 'Good Practice' area features a series of pages, each allocated to one of the Criteria Areas of the Quality Mark ('Leadership', 'School Policy'...and so on).

A new page has just been added to Online Bullying, offering ideas for meeting specific standards at Silver and Gold levels, with links to resources that will provide assistance


The resources mentioned in the 'Support and Resources' sections of the Criteria and Guidance Manual can be downloaded from this area; links to websites of organizations that can provide further support can also be accessed.


Examples of good practice from schools that have successfully achieved Bronze, Silver or Gold awards can also be found in these pages.


 Anti-Bullying Leaders from schools that have registered with us have a username and    

 password to log in to the Good Practice area. They need to follow these steps to access

 the pages in the area:


  • Click on the 'Login' tab (to the right of the 'Good Practice' tab)

  • Enter your username and password and click the 'Login' button                                             (the website will refresh itself and return users to the 'Welcome' page)

  • Click on the 'Good Practice' tab again

  • A dropdown menu, featuring each Criteria Area will appear

  • Click on an item in the dropdown menu and you'll be taken to the relevant page