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How long does it take to achieve the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark at Bronze or Silver Level? 

Our experience tells us that it takes a minimum of a year to achieve the Bronze or Silver Quality Mark.  However it is usually the case that schools that have already made a focus of anti-bullying work and have some good systems in place that can put an Evidence File together in such a short time. Most schools take about 18 months to two years to be ready for assessment. For example if you need to set up a peer support scheme, whatever one you decide to use, it will take about a year from the planning stage, through  the training stage to implementation.  Whereas, if your school already has a peer support scheme running, then you will be able to focus on other aspects of the QM.


Do I have to meet all the criteria?

Yes, all the criteria have to be met at the level you are applying for. Each Criteria Area in the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark Self-Evaluation Resources contains a checklist of standards to assist schools with tracking their progress towards achieving the relevant award. The resource is also used by the Quality Mark Evaluators when undertaking an Initial Evaluation of evidence prior to arraning a visit. We pride ourselves that the Quality Mark is worth having because it is rigorous and schools can feel confident that they are doing their very best to ensure that anti bullying is embedded within the school culture.


Which is the hardest of the criteria?

One of the hardest criteria to achieve is a high quality Anti-Bullying Policy. We can only advise that those leading on the Quality Mark follow the advice in the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark Guidance and Support Manual. Quite often schools forget to include details of all the preventative work that they are doing in their policies. The legal requirement is that schools have a policy that contributes to the prevention of bullying. Our experience is that very few policies reflect that and, by reviewing their policy, schools often realise the full extent of the preventative anti-bullying work that they are doing.


Is there a set date for achieving a quality mark?

When they are ready schools may apply for validation at any time during the academic year. Schools need to be aware that the most popular time for validation requests is immediately before Anti-Bullying Week and they may find that they will not have a choice of dates in the preceding month.


Can ABQM-UK offer us additional support?

We are able to offer training and support to assist schools with strengthening their anti-bullying practice.  

Please contact us by email: [email protected] with a phone number and contact name and we will get in touch with you to discuss what you need. Alternatively you can call us on 07590 571120 between 9.00am and 8.00pm.