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Criteria and Guidance 

All Schools receive an ABQM-UK Criteria and Guidance Manual after they have submitted their completed Self-Evaluation document.


However throughout the year the manual is updated to reflect changes in national and regional policies and practices.


The updated version will be uploaded to this page.


Click on the image below to access the latest  version of the manual.

ABQM-UK Criteria and Guidance

Manual May 2020

C&G Manual Cover


When schools register with us, we email the ABQM-UK Bronze Award Self-Evaluation resource which should be completed in consultation with members of the school community (representatives of staff, pupils, and parents).


When schools return the completed Self-Evaluation, we will contact them to discuss the standards that are being met and the evidence that can support this. We will also discuss the actions that the self-evaluation has identified in order to achieve the ABQM-UK Bronze Award.


If sufficient evidence can be provided that shows that the Bronze standards are being met, then we will undertake an Initial Evaluation and then arrange an Assessment visit.


If schools have a number of actions to undertake to achieve the Bronze Award, we will send an ABQM-UK Registration certificate that recognizes that this work has started.

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Click these icons to download copies of the ABQM-UK Self-Evaluation Resources

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