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Bullying in Schools

A survey of 2,347 12-16 year-olds carried out by Ditch the Label in 2019, found that 51% of those surveyed reported an involvement in bullying in the past 12 months.


With approximately 8.1 million pupils in all schools in England, this means that over 4,000,000 children and young people in our country could be going to bed worrying about bullying, having their learning opportunities, educational achievement and, potentially, their lives ruined because of it.


Recent research has shown that children are five times more likely to be bullied at school than at online. Moreover, it has established that, 90% of cases of online bullying had started at school.


The devastating and long-lasting effects of bullying on people are well known.  Bullying presents a considerable threat to mental health and well-being and can trigger anxiety and depression.  It causes considerable stress and in worse case scenarios victims have taken their own life.  Children and young people frequently say that bullying is one of the main reasons they do not attend school.


When those bullied were asked how it impacted them, the most common responses were feeling depressed (45%), anxious (41%) and having suicidal thoughts (33%).


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