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Bronze Award Final Evaluations

The aim of this page is to provide examples of the evidence that can be submitted to achieve the ABQM-UK Bronze Award.


Here you can click on and download the Final Evaluations of schools' anti-bullying practice. They include details of the evidence that was supplied by schools and observations made during the Evaluation Visit. Increasingly, we are using schools' Self-Evaluation douments as templates for Final Evaluations: we highlight in green the evidence that we feel meets the Bronze standards and use yellow for evidence that needs further investigation (see the evaluation for Billing Brook School).


Westfield Junior School Final Evaluation 060218 St John's CE Primary School Final Evaluation 220318 Wingfield Primary School Final Evaluation 260618


Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Final Evaluation 051019 Q3 Tipton Final Evaluation 281118 Kings Norton Girls School and Sixth Form Final Evaluation 070219

Specialist Settings

Castle Hill Bronze Final Evaluation 20 March 2018 JN Bronze Final Evaluation 160719 Billing Brook Final Evaluation 280519 Bronze Award Badge 2019