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Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All


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Anti-Bullying Week 2023

Policy Check


ABQM-UK is a national award that challenges schools, academies colleges and youth bodies to demonstrate their effectiveness in anti-bullying and the prevention of harassment


It endorses the belief that the safety, mental health and wellbeing of everyone are essential elements of learning, development and achievement.


A key component of showing how good you are at preventing bullying is your

Anti-Bullying Policy. It should communicate to the school community and the parents/carers of prospective pupils the full details of your anti-bullying practice, and therefore, inspire confidence in reporting incidents and concerns. 


Anti-Bullying Week Offer 

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK is offering an opportunity to evaluate the quality of your Anti-Bullying Policy with reference to our Bronze Award Policy Checklist*, which can downloaded by clicking on this icon:

(*this checklist has been developed with reference to the latest research into the effectiveness of policies on school practice)

If you find that your policy ticks all of the boxes on the checklist, then you are invited to send them for further feedback to the following email address:

Please browse this website for further details about how Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK can help your school to develop a sustainable whole school approach to preventing bullying and, therefore, strengthen anti-bullying in the community 

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