Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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Benefits for Schools


Where incidences of bullying are extremely rare, academic outcomes are likely to be higher.

DfE commissioned research: Reducing bullying amongst the worst affected (Sept 2011)  indicates that ‘Young people who had been bullied had a significantly lower Key Stage 4 score than those who hadn’t been bullied’ (page 14)


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK process enables schools, academies and colleges to demonstrate to parents and  

       OFSTED the quality of their anti-bullying work and their commitment to pupil safety, mental health and wellbeing.


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK process helps schools, academies and colleges become more proactive, independent

       and competent in managing this issue.


       The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK encourages schools, academies and colleges to develop sustainable strategies to

       prevent bullying.  


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK Bronze, Silver and Gold levels helps schools, academies and colleges work towards

       achieving the 'Outstanding' descriptors for 'Personal Development' & 'Behaviour and Welfare in the (September 2019)  

       OFSTED framework.


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK supports the successful implementation of peer support programmes (which have

       consistently reduced bullying and improved behaviour) and supports pupil/student involvement in the development of a  

       whole school approach to anti-bullying


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK process is a further demonstration of how schools, academies and colleges can

       contribute to the safety, mental health and emotional wellbeing of the children and young people in their communities.


➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK offers schools a point of reference and the opportunity for measuring what they are

       doing against a national standard.


       The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK award may be used by schools, academies and colleges in the marketing of their

       institutions to the community.

➢ The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK compliments the work of fellow members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, including Diana  

       Award Anti-Bullying, Bullies Out, Kidscape as well as the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award