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The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark can only be awarded after the Evaluation Visit has been made.


The Evaluator should be able to inform the school whether they have achieved the quality mark or not by the end of the visit. (There may be circumstances where the assessor will need to consult Quality Mark colleagues before providing this information).


Once the assessor has submitted a report to ABQM-UK and the quality assurance has been ratified, schools will be informed of their achievement and an invoice for the costs of the Evaluation Visit (see assessment page) will be sent.


When ABQM-UK receives payment, schools will be sent a certificate and, via email, a Bronze, Silver or Gold Quality Mark JPEG image for display on school signs and letterheads. This will be accompanied by a Final Evaluation - a detailed written report, outlining strengths and areas for further development.



Schools can hold and display the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark for 2 years before seeking re-validation at that level or assessment at the next level. The cost of assessment will be the same as when the first level was achieved.