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To gain the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK (ABQM-UK) award schools will have to fulfill criteria in the following areas:


  • Leadership                        

  • School Policy

  • Whole School Strategic Development                    

  • Governance    

  • Staff Involvement            

  • Curriculum    

  • Active Pupil Involvement                    

  • Parental Involvement    

  • Regard for Vulnerable Groups                    

  • E-Safety


The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK has three levels of award: Bronze, Silver or Gold.


Schools normally apply first for the Bronze level. This requires schools to develop systematic and sustainable policies and practices that all members of the school community know and implement.


The second level of award is Silver which requires schools to demonstrate that anti-bullying is embedded in the school and is focused on supporting more vulnerable pupils.


The third level of award is Gold and is only achievable after schools have secured the Bronze and Silver levels. This requires schools to demonstrate that anti-bullying is an essential element of ongoing school improvement and has a positive impact on safety, well-being, relationships and learning.

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