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ABQM-UK is a non-profit making organization, established in 2012 by Bob Basley and Teresa Bliss. It challenges and supports eduational settings to develop a whole school approach to anti-bullying that is sustainable and inclusive.


Teresa and Bob started working together while representing their local authorities in the Anti-Bullying Alliance Regional Networks.  Drawing inspiration from a model established in Durham and working closely together within the ABA regional partnership, they developed a successful anti-bullying accreditation scheme for their respective local authorities.


With many local authorities no longer in a position to support schools in achieving high standards in anti-bullying, Bob and Teresa decided to continue this commitment and developed the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK.


The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK is now an intergral part of school improvement for many schools across England and Wales from the northwest to the south east.


Bob and Teresa have been both teachers and senior leaders with many years of experience working in schools.


Bob taught for 22 years in secondary schools, holding the posts of Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher. As Swindon's Behaviour and Attendance Consultant, he led the development of a multi-agency coordinated approach to anti-bullying ,  He also has led a number of ground-breaking initiatives, including the Swindon ‘Foundation for Peace’ Community Safety Project and the South Gloucestershire Personalisation Project, bringing together schools to improve the learning and achievement of children and young people.  


Teresa, an educational psychologist, is probably best known for her work on circle time She has provided training across the UK, after  co-writing the best-selling book Circle Time: a resource book for Infant, Junior and Secondary Schools and the video Coming Round to Circle Time.  More information can be found about Teresa at



George Robinson

(originator with Barbara Maines

of the No Blame Approach/

Support Group Method )




I am pleased to recommend this ‘Quality Mark’ to all  

schools and colleges.


Since my first publication on bullying with Barbara Maines  

in 1990, I have continued to develop materials which are

used successfully around the world, to help teachers

prevent and to react to bullying.


I have always believed that there should be a rigorous,  

recognised benchmark available to schools that

demonstrated their effective strategies in dealing with

bullying.  This scheme meets that criteria and staff and

students will gain much from the challenge of obtaining the

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark.

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