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8: Parental Involvement


  • Childnet International have developed  'Know It All’,  an online resource,, that outlines practical advice in avoiding or minimising risks when using online and mobile technologies. Also available as a CD rom.  


Books for Parents:

  • Bullying - A Parent's Guide by Jennifer Thomson (2011)

  • Understanding School Bullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Mona O'Moore (2010)

  • Children and Bullying: How Parents and Educators Can Reduce Bullying at School by Ken Rigby (2007)

  • Bullying: A Handbook for Educators and Parents (Handbooks for Educators and Parents Series) by Ian Rivers, Neil Duncan and Valerie E. Besag (2007)

  • Aggression and Bullying in Adolescence (Parent, Adolescent and Child Training Skills) by Martin Herbert, Suzanne Guerin and Eilis Hennessy (2007)

Advice, Support, Training...

  • BullyWatch UK offers help and support for bullying victims and their families:

Good Practice in ABQM-UK Schools


Example of St John's CE

Primary School's flow

chart for responding to

reports of bullying

(added to Appendices of Anti-Bullying Policy so that families know what will happen when they report a bullying incident)


Links to 'Anti-Bullying' pages on school websites, providing information for parents:

(including link to family version of Anti-Bullying Policy)



IMG_1242 St J's A-B Response Flow Chart