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7: Active Pupil Involvement



  • The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has been used by a number of schools that we have worked with. It ‘offers fun, informative and interactive training to young people, staff, and parents to help them tackle bullying in their schools and communities’: 


  • Transforming Conflict train children and young people in restorative justice techniques in schools and other institutions information can be found at:



                         What can I do if I think other pupils are being


                         Bullying Toolkit - National Strategies Behaviour &




                        Developing skills to provide support to other

                        pupils who have experienced bullying

                        Bullying Toolkit - National Strategies Behaviour &                            



Advice, Support, Training...

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark–UK can, subject to demand and availability, provide trainers to train students and staff. For further details, contact [email protected]


Bullies Out is a charity that offers mentoring to young people via the phone as well as a range of workshops for professionals and young people. The workshops are interactive workshops for pupils and students on:

  • Changing Attitudes for years 7& 8 and

  • Challenging Sterotypes (for Years 9 & 10),

  • Hand of Courage (primary/Yr 7)Cyber-bullying (Yr 6 +)

  • Peer mentor training ( ASDAN accredited) secondary

  • ‘Playground Pals (Primary) training.

More information can be found on their website:

Good Practice in ABQM-UK Schools




 Mersey Park Primary School                             South Rise Primary School

 Play Leader / Anti-Bullying Ambassadors          Play Leaders / Friendship Monitors       Class Anti-Bullying Charters

DSC_0230 5cp_dgp_others_being_bullied jpeg 6p_rfm_support_other_pupils jpeg MP Primary School Job of a Play Leader -1 MP Primary School Job of a Play Leader MP Primary School Job Description-Play Leader South Rise Restorative Justice Posters and Cards South Rise Playtime Helpers Displays South Rise Y3 Anti-Bullying Charter South Rise Y4 Anti-Bullying Charter South Rise Y6 Anti-Bullying Charter Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.15.00 Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.14.30 South Rise Restorative Justice Posters and Cards-1