Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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6: Curriculum

Anti-Bullying Alliance  - provides  

resources to address a number of anti-bullying issues, including:


PSHE Association - offers advice, resources and training for development

of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education: https://www.pshe  


Jigsaw* – used by a number of Bronze Award schools to connect PSHE,

emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development: 


Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme* -    

developed by the Cambridgeshire PSHE Service, provides learning

frameworks for each year and corresponding learning materials:


 CEOP – ‘Think U Know’ -  offers games for primary pupils and videos and

resources for secondary pupils to inform learning about online safety:


World of Inclusion: International Consultancy and Training - Inclusive

Education, Disability Equality, The Media, Training in disability and relevant

legislation plus free downloadable resources to be found at




Good Practice in ABQM-UK Schools


                                                         Click on icons for details of

                                                         how Mersey Park Primary

                                                         School's PSHE Curriculum

                                                         is aligned with the school's

                                                         values and the themes for            

                                                         each term.


                                                         Click on icons for copies of

                                                         Assembly Plans from

                                                         Mersey Park Primary





MP Primary School PSHE Curriculum MP Primary School PSHE Curriculum-1 MP Primary School Assembly Plans MP Primary School Assembly Plans-3 MP Primary School Assembly Plans-4


Stand Up and Act Out - a programme, for KS1 & 2 that  recognises and celebrates diversity and promotes Upstander behaviours through drama, covering 100% of RSE curriculum:   (Pyjama Drama Learning Ltd)