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5: Staff Involvement



National Strategies Primary and Secondary Anti-Bullying / SEAL resources :


                            SEAL Guidance for leaders on preventing bullying

                            and creating a safe whole-school culture, ethos and

                            environment (includes Staff Development and    

                            Student learning 'opportunities')

Advice, Support, Training...

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK has number of trainers available to support schools in policy development, staff CPD and peer supporter development

For further details, email [email protected] 


Bullies Out is a charity that offers workshops for professionals on:

 •  Understanding and Exploring Bullying

 •  Cyberbullying

 •  The Benefits of Peer Mentoring

 •  Workplace Bullying

They also offer interactive workshops for pupils and students on: Changing Attitudes for Years 7& 8 and Challenging Sterotypes for Years 9 & 10). More information can be found on their website:


Transforming Conflict, led by Belinda Hopkins, teaches restorative justice techniques to schools and other institutions information can be found at:


LINCS Associates offer CPD in the following areas: Whole School Behaviour programmes; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Massage in Schools Programme: 

Good Practice in ABQM-UK Schools


                   Click on icon for a copy of Mersey Park Primary

                         School's staff survey  


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