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10. Online Safety



Examining the Roles Young People Fulfil in Five Types of Cyber Bullying (Lucy R. Betts, Athanasios Gkimitzoudis, Karin A. Spenser, & Thom Baguley Division of Psychology, Nottingham Trent University)




The more public it is, the more severe it is’: Teachers’ perceptions on the roles of publicity and severity in cyber-bullying (Macaulay, P.J., Betts, L.R., Stiller, J., & Kellezi, B.- Research Papers in Education,)



Advice, Support, Training...


  • The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) brings together organisations from industry; children’s charities; and government, to work together on making the internet safer for children. Members include Microsoft, BT, Yahoo, CEOP and the NSPCC.

Good Practice in ABQM-UK Schools

Southwold Primary School, Hackney

Advice_for_parents_on_cyberbullying Cyberbullying_Advice_for_Headteachers_and_School_S Pubsub5992_Betts Southwold Behaviour-Bullying Policy with Cyber-Bullying Appendix Southwold ICT Scheme of Work with E-Safety for Y1- Y6 Southwold Online Safety Leaflet for Parents Southwold Online Safety Assembly Themes Maculay_in press_The more public