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Assessors will undertake an Initial Evaluation of the file and send this to schools.


If the file has met the ABQM-UK standards, a mutually convenient date will be arranged for the assessor to undertake an Assessment Visit. 


If the file does not meet the standards, the Initial Evaluation will specify the further evidence that is required. An Assessment Visit will not be arranged until this further evidence passes the Initial Evaluation.*  


Activities in the Assessment Visit will include:

  • a review of the evidence file;

  • interviews with members of the school community, including school leaders, peer mentors and parents.

  • observations of anti-bullying promotion and practice


The assessor will be able to provide feedback on the school's achievement with reference to the 10 Criteria Areas by the end of the visit. There may be circumstances where the assessor will need to consult Quality Mark colleagues regarding specific aspects of this feedback.







When ready, schools may apply for assessment at any time during the academic year.


They will need to use the Contact Page (see tabs above) to contact ABQM-UK and arrange to send their Evidence Files to assessors. 

Costs of assessment are £695 plus expenses