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ABQM-UK is a national award that enables schools to demonstrate to parents, OFSTED and others that the safety of children is taken seriously and bullying is not tolerated.

As a school that gains the award you will be able to show that:

  You have a positive, progressive, inclusive ethos

  Everyone in the school community knows that
  bullying is not accepted or tolerated

  Children and young people come to school
  without the fear of being bullied

Parents can feel confident that, should bullying happen, they know who to approach and can be reassured that it is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK will:

  • Be an endorsement of the quality of Anti-Bullying policy and practice in a school, academy or college community

      • Offer whole school, academy and college communities opportunities to develop effective and sustainable strategies for preventing and challenging bullying

          • Inspire the development and sharing of outstanding Anti-Bullying practice for all children and young people in schools, academies and colleges
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TRANSP_Anti Bullying MARK + shadow gold
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Welcome to Some of Our Recently Registered Schools:

Seaside Primary School, Lancing Magna Academy, Poole
Colegrave Primary School, Ashford Heleneswood Academy, St Leonards
St. John's CoE Primary School, Stanmore Ribblesdale High School, Clitheroe
Congratulations to Mersey Park Primary School
for Achieving the ABQM-UK Silver Award

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